10 Instagram accounts to follow in 2021 to learn French

Languages 21 June 2021

Instagram is a free application and an effective way to learn French in pictures, audio and video.

We have selected 10 Instagram accounts whose content we found interesting and which provide added value to French language learners.

It is an excellent complement to SpeakMeeters and allows you to practice with native speakers.

We've been careful with spelling mistakes because we don't want to get yelled at! 😁


French vocabulary
I am drunk


All about French is managed by Adrien. Its concept is to learn French with words and expressions used in everyday life.

He also has a site where he lists all his audio stories. It's the logical extension of his Instagram account.

Why do we love?

We love the simple design of his posts with the translation underneath, perfect for all levels.

Also his audios where we can listen slowly to the words in French, which is also suitable for beginners.

Why follow All French?

A new expression and a new story in French every day with translation and audio. His Instagram.

The Blabla workshop

French pronunciation


The Blabla workshop is led by Maëlis, a certified French native speaker. She teaches in her posts and stories how to pronounce words correctly, grammar, culture, vocabulary and much more.

Why do we love?

Every Monday, members write down the words they can't pronounce and Maëlis helps them with her own technique and kindness. She also does oral tests on several levels to see if you have understood what she has said.

Active in the comments, we also like her joy and her good mood! Our favourite.

Why follow L'atelier Blabla?

Lots of pronunciation, expressions, movies, songs... and most of all a lot of fun in the stories! His Instagram.

A Cup of French

Bring or Take or Bring or Take away
Bring or Take or Bring or Take away


A Cup of French is run by Christine, a native French teacher. She teaches through her posts and infographics, vocabulary, grammar, common mistakes, expressions and much more.

It also has a website where members can find about 60 free infographics with explanatory text.

Why do we love?

We love her quality infographics and her pedagogy which will allow French learners to use what she teaches in conversations with French people. She also responds to all comments.

Why follow A Cup of French?

With A Cup of French, you can learn French in a fun and educational way in the form of mini-lessons that go straight to the point and are easy to remember thanks to the illustrations. As a little bonus, all the infographics are accompanied by a soundtrack to practice pronunciation. Bravo Christine! Her Instagram.

practice with native speakers in a group or duo
Practice with native speakers in groups or in pairs

Street French

French culture
The French hate Parisians?


Behind Street French, there is Maïa, a French woman and Charlie, an American. A great duo that makes you learn informal and conversational French with posts to learn vocabulary and also videos to learn French culture or through movies (example: Lupin).

There is also a website where you can find e-books and e-courses.

Why do we love?

We like them because they make you want to be with them to debate and discuss. They challenge and question the community.

An engaging and caring duo that we recommend.

Why follow Street French?

StreetFrench is a Franco-American duo that teaches how French is actually spoken in everyday life by focusing on the idea of learning a language through discussion and conversational improvisation.

Charlie🇺🇲 and Maïa🇨🇵 create lessons from French pop culture and by sharing their experiences as teachers and expats on Youtube and Instagram. Their Instagram.

Your online French teacher

cultural fact in French the influencers
Cultural fact in French


Élodie is an educational engineer in language teaching and her Instagram account is aimed at French language learners from A1 to C2.

It also has a website where you can download a free grammar guide.

Why do we love?

We like its posts with beautiful illustrations and categorized by level. The explanations are translated and you can find quizzes to practice. She also does real and stories with the themes of the week.

Why follow Your online French teacher?

With Elodie, a pedagogical engineer specialised in language didactics and a teacher of French as a foreign language, you will pass your DELF / DALF! Her instagram.


3 ways of saying I don't know
3 ways of saying I don't know


Here is a different instagram account for learning French. It mainly gathers the same and illustrations.

Why do we love?

We like the playfulness of the same. There are also stories with quizzes to practice. His Instagram.

French Words

Damn it


This Instagram account is run by Julien & Claire and features mainly vocabulary words and photos of landscapes and monuments in France.

Why do we love?

We discover wonderful places in France that we never knew existed (except the Eiffel Tower :) ) while learning vocabulary words with their phonetics and translation.

Why follow French Words?

The French Words adventure began in August 2013, at a time when cat photos with too many filters were mainly to be found on Instagram. We launched a concept that didn't exist at the time: each day, a publication, a word in French to discover. Their Instagram.

Les Machin

Word of mouth
Word of mouth


Les Machin is run by Renée, a French teacher, and Jules, a language enthusiast. The content focuses on vocabulary and pronunciation.

They also have a website with resources for learning French.

Why do we love?

We love the variety of words in the colourful posts with its audio pronunciation and translation.

This enables French learners to use these words in everyday conversations.

Why follow Les Machin?

Les Machin, it's every day vocabulary with pronunciation to progress in French! Their Instagram.

French School TV

French expressions
French expressions


French School TV is hosted by Vincent and he publishes posts on French expressions used by the French as well as vocabulary and quizzes through his stories. He also has a Youtube channel, Tiktok and other social networks.

Why do we love?

Vincent is all over the social networks and we love his different audio and video formats where he explains by speaking slowly and explaining the meaning of expressions through dialogue.

Why follow French School TV?

French School TV welcomes you to SpeakMeeters! Follow us if you want to learn how to speak like a real Frenchman 😁🇨🇵 His Instagram.

The French Tribe

French expression boire comme un trou
French expression boire comme un trou


The French Tribe is run by Alexia, a French teacher who teaches you to speak like a local with slang, homonyms and expressions.

It also has a website with podcasts and resources in French.

Why do we love?

We like the different variations used from formal to informal to explain French words with a smile.

These words and expressions are commonly used in real life and in conversations with the French. His Instagram.

Practice with native speakers in real-life conversations
Practice with native speakers in real-life conversations

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We help people from all over the world to practice a language and become more confident speaking through online guided friendly conversations led by native speakers in groups or duos.

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