"Speaking, expressing yourself and understanding another language : a dream come true! !"

Hubert 🇫🇷 France - Premium Member.

man speaking on stage blue background hands raised at a conference
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1 - Tell me about your experience with SpeakMeeters?

Simplicity, accessibility and the pleasure of sharing with those who make you want to communicate.

2 - What did you tell yourself before you started?

Read learn endless words I did, but understand and speak, I was afraid of ridicule, too shy to jump in.

To hear others searching for words and me not daring, all of a sudden, to be able to complete their sentences! !!

Unimaginable only 2 months ago.

3 - Do you feel an improvement after practicing with SpeakMeeters?

Since I signed up 3 months ago, I understand better and above all I am able to construct sentences and I don't hesitate to talk about subjects and participate in sessions because the words become more familiar and come back to me more easily.

I've moved up a gear and I feel totally immersed.

against shyness

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We help people from all over the world to practice a language and become more confident speaking through online guided friendly conversations led by native speakers in groups or duos.

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