"You have fun while practicing the language you want to learn."

Luis ǻ🇪 Venezuela - Premium Member.

Saturday. Summer. Beautiful sunny day, so my friends and I decided to make a picnic and watch the sundown. Pretty fun and relaxed day.
Photo by Helena Lopes / Unsplash

1 - Tell me about your experience with SpeakMeeters?

I like the fact that I'm not limited to one language and that I don't have to follow the classic structures of a course.

2 - What did you tell yourself before you started?

Don't be afraid and try your first session, things will take care of themselves.

3 - Do you feel an improvement after practicing with SpeakMeeters?

Now I have more opportunities to practice. It's essential, without practice, the level of the language starts to drop.

practice is fundamental

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We help people from all over the world to practice a language and become more confident speaking through online guided friendly conversations led by native speakers in groups or duos.

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